Maria Cisneros, FOUNDER/CEO

“As an independent artist, creating art from nature and found objects, I was inspired to develop a retail experience that introduced the customer to the world of sustainable, handmade and fair trade products by collaborating with many ‘green’ artists around the country and the globe. Highlighting ‘upcycled’ works that are produced from pre- and post-consumer materials brings new life and more value to each product. Each item has a wonderful background story that makes a connection to the product and the consumer. The boutique, Recologie, drew inspiration from words such as ‘refresh,’ ‘renew,’ ‘refashion’ and ‘repurpose.’ Since the inception of the retail store, customers have responded in such an enthusiastic way, equating the shop and its products to the likes of a Museum shop.”


“As an artist, arts advocate and a firm believer that collaboration broadens the possibilities of enrichment, Recologie Lifestyle is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate how a community can benefit from having an multi-use, creative and exciting destination in its midst. My experience in both my own career as artist/teacher and as a leader in the arts in the Westchester County community, confirms the value and excitement Recologie promises. It is also a personal fulfillment to be part of an environment that is built on integrating skills, interests and talents. I am excited to be part of a team dedicated to creating an enriching, beneficial and eco-forward space that will support the arts, education, fine dining and the local economy.”


“Food is so much more to me than just something to eat, or a vehicle to showcase my
skills as a chef. To me, food is something that connects us to each other, and to the earth. As a chef, it is important to me that the dishes I offer allow my guests to connect with me, connect with each other, and connect with the food itself. Sustainability is also very important to me. I feel we have a responsibility to tread lightly on the earth and live with compassion, which is why my menu is all vegetarian. At Gather at Recologie, I am able to offer a simple, seasonal menu that expresses who I am. It brings me such joy to be able to share that with others.”